Marcos Amador Tenorio

Firm associate

Costa Rican lawyer and notary, specialist in Labor Law and Social Security.

He is a certified lawyer as "Conciliator and Mediator of Conflicts" by the Bar Association of Costa Rica and the Ministry of Justice and Peace.

    • Specialist in Alternative Conflict Resolution with an Emphasis on International Arbitration, from the University of Business and Commercial Sciences (UCEM) and the Costa Rican Bar Association.
    • Master in Labor Law and Social Security from the Universidad Estatal a Distancia.
    • Certificate in "International Labor Law Standards" by the O.I.T. course developed in the City of Knowledge in Panama.
    • Doctor of Law graduated from the State Distance University.
  • He was director and President of the National Salary Council in the four-year period 1994-1998
  • He has been a Professor of Individual and Collective Labor Law at the Central University, the Autonomous University of Central America (UACA) and the University of Costa Rica (UCR).
  • He gave an Instruction on Labor Law to the lawyers of the Legislative Assembly. He is an Instructor of Labor Law issues at the Costa Rican Bar and Lawyers Association and at the Arbitration and Mediation Center of that professional Association.
  • National and international lecturer in countries such as Guatemala, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia on topics of his specialty.
  • He served as Parliamentary Advisor to the Department of Legal Technical Services of the Legislative Assembly, where he was responsible for making the Technical Reports of Bills of Laws related to Labor Law and Social Security, in addition to advising different Legislative Commissions on procedural matters.
  • In the Labor Procedure Reform process, he advised the President of the Legislative Assembly and the Minister of Labor and Social Security, making important contributions to the technical-political discussion that resulted in the approval of said reform.
  • He is currently the Coordinator of the Labor Law Commission of the Costa Rican Bar Association.
  • President of the consulting firm: "ALYADOS" "Aula Laboral y Asesoría de Organizaciones".
  • Labor law and social security
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution - Arbitration and Conciliations
  • Aula Laboral and consultancy for organizations
  • Collective labor law (Solidarity Associations, Unions, Cooperatives, others).
  • Bussines advice
  • Legislative Law
  • Spanish
  •  English

+506. 22480544

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