Real Estate (Realty Tokenized)

  • Due diligence, structuring and negotiating of local and regional real estate transactions
  • Advice, registration and constitution of Condominiums, hospitality projects, maritime and free trade zone regimes.
  • Advice for opening of local and regional real estate projects.
  • Advice on real estate contracts.
  • Advice and drafting of real estate contracts.
  • Notary
  • Assistance Buying a Property

    Doing a Due Diligence is a must when planning to buy real estate.
  • To make sure that there are no liens or encumbrances,
  • That the property has all the appropriate permits and that it is marketable.

    We will be assisting you from the negotiations to the closing.
  • Assistance Selling a Property
  • Secure a safe transaction.

Paying HOA’s

  • Home Owner Association fees
  • Penalties

    From removal of homeowner’s access to the condo’s common areas to something as serious as having the property seized and sold by the condominium for back pay or fees

    Compliance With Taxes/Paying Taxes
  • The municipality tax
  • The Luxury Tax

    We will gladly process your tax payments. No need to open up a Costa Rican bank account.

    Landlord / Tenant
  • Rental Agreement Draft/ Review
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